1. Who are your recordings designed for?

Anyone who, for whatever reason, is unable to keep in touch with what is going on in their local community by reading the local newspapers.

2. Which areas do you cover?

Macclesfield, Prestbury, Bollington, Poynton, Tytherington and surrounding villages.

3. What do I receive each week?

Each week (usually on Saturday) your postman will deliver a wallet. Inside this there will be an MP3 memory stick containing that week’s programme.

4. How do I listen to these memory sticks?

We will provide you – entirely free of charge – with a purpose-built and simple to use player unit, which is yours to keep. When you decide to become a listener, we will arrange to visit you and explain how it works.

5. Can I listen to the programmes on my laptop or PC?

Yes. All you need is a device with a USB slot into which the memory sticks can be inserted.

6. Can I listen to the programmes online?

Yes. You – or a friend or family member – can listen to our programmes on a mobile device using the free ‘Talking Newspaper’ app or by clicking here.

7. When do I need to send the memory sticks back to you?

In order for us to keep sending you the programmes for the following week, we ask you to post the memory stick back to us as soon as you have listened to it. The wallet carries a return address label, so all you have to do is put the memory stick into the wallet, turn the address label round, fasten the wallet using its velcro strip and arrange for the wallet to be placed into a post box.

8. Who pays for this service?

We are a registered charity and we depend on gifts, donations and bequests to raise the cash to buy the equipment we use. We are all volunteers whose time is given free. Postage is provided free of charge under the Royal Mail’s “Articles for the Blind” service.

9. Can I receive the Talking Newspaper if I live in a care home?

Of course.

10. How do I become a listener?

All you have to do is contact us.

11. How do I become a volunteer?

All you have to do is contact us.

12. What is your Data Protection policy?

Data Protection Notice

This privacy notice covers all personal data that is gathered by the charity, which is committed to respecting the privacy of its listeners and volunteers (hereinafter called ‘users’) and keeping their personal information safe. It will only use the information collected about its users lawfully in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and any subsequent amendments.

The charity will not give information out to any third party, other than those who are engaged in providing a service agreed with the users or where there is a legal/safeguarding need.

Information collected

Personal information may be collected about the users. Sensitive personal information will not be collected unless there is a clear charitable reason for doing so.

How the information is used

  • To provide information about the charity’s work and activities when requested

  • To process donations

  • To fundraise and to tell how support and donations can help the charity

  • For administrative purposes

  • For internal record keeping

  • To analyse and improve the service of the charity

  • When required or authorised by law.

How contact will be made

This will be by way of the information that has been provided e.g. email, post or telephone.

We pledge to make it clear and easy to choose how to hear from us

We will never sell personal data to third parties. How contact can be made can be changed at any time. Information we hold on anyone can be checked by emailing us at macctn@vision15.co.uk. If there are any inaccuracies we will delete or correct them promptly.

How to make a complaint

Contact us via email at the address above or by telephone 01625 422602