From us…

Each week, our editors put together a news running order using articles from the latest issue of the Macclesfield Express. Our Tapestry magazine team members record their own material which covers a number of different topics. Once the Tapestry is recorded, a separate team of readers records the news. The tracks are assembled into a master recording.

The copiers make multiple copies of the master recording onto memory sticks – one for each of our visually-impaired listeners.

To our listeners…

The copied sticks are placed inside plastic wallets and are taken to the post office. From here, they are delivered to your home by Royal Mail’s ‘Articles for the Blind’ service in time to be enjoyed during the weekend.

And back again…


Once the listeners have finished with the sticks, they place them back in the wallet, turn the address label round and pop the wallet in a post box to be returned to us, ready for the next week’s recording. There is no charge to return the wallet.

Access to a computer to play the MP3 sticks is not required, as every listener is provided with a free, easy to use player. One of our volunteers will visit to demonstrate how it works and can offer technical support whenever required. For owners of smartphones, our content is also available on the TN app, which can be downloaded free from your usual app store.